Nurturing our talents to achieve our targets.



Promoting peace and community life through sports



Personal and community empowerment through sport



One Ball. One Bike. One Goal.

Meet the Club

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What We Do

We understand the pivotal role that sport plays in any society and the opportunities it provides towards sustainable peace, socio-economic empowerment and national development;
SWAGA bridges the divide between community and development by partnering with the government, faith-based organizations, and the private sector to foster peace by nurturing the talent of athletic communities; creating opportunities for them to create and implement adaptive sports practices that directly engage them with the local community and promote lasting peace and development.



Amani-Nyumbani Sports Programme, which is a Kiswahili phrase for “Peace at Home”, uses sport as the vehicle to reach youth and communities who are involved in conflict meet and openly discuss the contextual factors causing insecurity in their home-towns and counties. SWAGA accomplishes this through partnerships with key stakeholders in the field of peace building and conflict resolution.

Winning Together

Winning Together is a sports programme designed to connect with government bodies, academic institutions, faith-based organizations and civil societies at the grassroots level by engaging in sports activities with the aim of attaining a socially inclusive culture that contributes towards cohesion and national transformation.

Beyond the Finish Line

Beyond the Finish Line is a programme tailored towards the empowerment of individuals and groups actively involved in sport and seeking opportunities to nurture and develop their talent sustainably. SWAGA guarantees this in three ways:

  • Sports Scholarships and Exchange Programmes
  • Skills Development
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities

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